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"I began working with Ken before setting up my agency in 1994.  He's been there with me since the beginning, helping me set up systems built for simplicity and function.  The ease of use is not to be confused with a 'less is better approach'-- they're systems that I utilize and continually build upon and enable me to understand where my money comes from and where it goes to.

That understanding enables me to track efficiencies and improve my operation.  Ken's analysis allows me to 'get a feel' on my current situation and to more clearly see trends that allow me to adjust where needed.  Our periodic meetings, and guidance he offers, is invaluable."

- Scott West, Agent


With a client list of over 80 Agents all over the country, we have made servicing your tax and financial needs our number one priority. Because of our extensive knowledge of your specific business, we will implement systems that will allow a free flow of information between our offices. We speak the same language as an agent and take advantage of every available deduction that is particular to agencies. We may not be around the corner from you, but with the current technology available, it will seem like we are. Just ask Tony Lopez, Agent in Orlando, Florida, what he thinks of our quality of service and what it has meant to his success….

"Ken's Firm has been a great asset since the beginning when I was a new Agent in New Jersey. He personally visited with me to set up all my systems, from Quicken to paying bills to keeping better personal versus business records.   He set up a foundation that I still use today at my office in Florida as well as at home.  His advice is accurate timely and proactive.   He arranged the same personal visit in Florida, 1,200 miles away, once I relocated, and is just as proactive and supportive as he was in NJ.  When approached by local FL accountants on switching, I ask myself what I would have to gain.  Ken and I speak over the phone, email and fax.   He calls me for projections, forecasts, deadlines, reminders for tax payments and charges a reasonable price.  Best of all, he understands us, the Agents, and our unique businesses.  He knows our systems at times better than us.  I can't say enough about Ken Alevras, CPA."

- Tony Lopez, Agent

Tailoring the type of service that you need is important to us, but we have put together an idea of some of the services that we provide to our clients:


Establish a streamlined bookkeeping system within the office. We will go over bill paying, filing system, credit card system, tax payment system, deduction finder, etc.

Quicken Tutorial

For those agents that are manually paying bills, or the new agent, we will bring you up to speed on all the advantages of using the current software (writing checks, reconciling and entering payroll and deposits, etc.). We will even order laser checks for you and make sure you get the correct envelopes.

Tax Projections

Twice a year a comprehensive report is prepared for your review with comments and suggestions. Profit and Loss Analysis – In conjunction with the Tax Projections a Profit and Loss Statement is provided with current period and prior year analysis.

Industry Benchmarks

With over 80 agents, we have the insight to determine where you stack up against your peers. Retirement Planning – Review your current plan (if any) and determine annually if it is the right plan for you, as tax laws change quite often and you need to be in the most cost effective plan available.

Deferred Compensation

Review the pros and cons of the plan and help you determine the correct level for your situation. We will help in the implementation of the plan and review it twice a year. Impact of payments on surviving spouse – make sure your tax professional knows how to deal with these payments, as there are significant tax savings for those that understand the law.

Security Report

Review the annual report that agencies provide every agent and make sure you understand it. Termination Payments – Review the benefits that are accruing and help in deciding when to retire and start receiving the payments. Impact of payments on surviving spouse, as there is specific court cases and tax code that provide a safe haven for the surviving spouse.

Personal Net Worth Tracking

We track your personal net worth on an annual basis and this allows us to give you an insight on your liquidity, debt cost, potential retirement assets and many other facets.

I understand that to switch accountants is a very difficult decision to make, and one we do not take lightly in our firm. But it is important to make sure you are not leaving anything on the table that will help you attain your goal. Before you decide to call, please read what a few of our Agent clients have to say about our services…..

"I switched to Ken two years ago on the recommendation of a very successful businessperson who also uses Ken and it has to be one of the best business decisions I ever made. Ken and his office are not only very professional but they treat you like a friend and you can tell they really care. They always know who I am when I call and their responses to my questions are always quick. Ken set up an accounting system for me that is very easy to use and understand. His recommendations have been extremely helpful. Ken calls me on a regular basis and visits my office once a year just to talk face to face. My parents and I had the same accounting firm for over 30 years and when we switched to Ken he suggested that he review the last three years of our tax returns, all we can say is that we are glad he did. Ken is a great person to have on your team."

- Ray Sayre, Agent

Should you wish to speak with a current client, feel free to contact us and we will provide a reference list.

Call us to setup a complimentary review of your current situation.